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Vantaggio D’Oro delivers the best quality and value in Mozzarella cheese. You know that great ingredients deliver a quality product, and Vantaggio D’Oro makes any pizza delicious. Using only the freshest milk, Vantaggio D’Oro is crafted to ensure the most favorable taste, quality, and performance. Don’t give your customers just any pizza; give them an experience they won’t soon forget. Available in traditional loaf, pre-cut blocks and shred.

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Vantaggio D'Oro


LOAF – Traditional authentic blocks. 8/6 lb. Available in Part-Skim and Whole Milk. 
RE-CUT – Reduces shredding time by 20%. 4/10 lb.  Available in Part-Skim and Whole Milk.
SHRED – Labor savings. Delivers premium performance without the waste. 6/5 lb



The US is stuck on Mozzarella, and it’s no surprise that Pizza is the number one culprit. In 2011, the US made 3.5 billion pounds of Mozzarella cheese (retail & food service), more than it has ever made before. In 2012, Vantaggio D’Oro accounted for 4.5 million pounds of it, accounting for a large part of Bellissimo’s 35 million pounds sold a year.


Please see our distributor page for your local source of Vantaggio D’oro