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Spendida is a great value priced alternative to our Bellissimo brand. Spendida offers consistent quality and flavor while saving you money. The Spendida line of products consist of everything from Pepperoni to olives, or heat & serve bacon. Quality customers love, prices operators can’t get enough of!

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See the product catalog for a complete listing of Spendida products.

New Item

Bellissimo is proud to announce the Spendida Home-style Chicken Tender.  Available in a 2/5# pack. Crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside, Spendida Chicken Tenders are sure to be a hit whether they are menued as a meal or snack.  Deep Fry or oven cook these delicious tenders.  Call your local Bellissimo Distributor for further information.  Item #1237 SP

Spendida Pepperoni

Spendida sliced pepperoni is a great value priced alternative.  Spendida pepperoni delivers consistent quality, an appealing look, and a great zesty flavor.  If you’re looking for a lower priced alternative, look no further than Spendida sliced pepperoni.