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Bellissimo Brands


Bellissimo has developed several unique brands which enables our distributors to offer the product quality and value that meets their customers needs. Our national brands are dedicated to providing the world’s best authentic Italian and Mediterranean foods from both imported and domestic sources. Please click on the links below to find our more about some of our brand products.

Bellissimo Foods


The Bellissimo brand consists of the finest of both domestic and internationally sourced products in both the food and non-food categories. Through our years of success in the industry, Bellissimo is widely considered the best quality, selection, and value in the Italian food segment. See our distributor’s page and contact the distributor nearest you for a listing of Bellissimo products. 


Altissima Qualita

Altissima Qualita means “The Highest Quality”. We select only superior food products to be held under this label. Each product is single plant sourced for consistent quality. From high protein flour to delicious meatballs with Imported Pecorino Romano, Altissima Qualita is the brand dedicated to the chef. Altissima is quickly becoming Bellissimo Foods’ gold standard in product quality, and taste.


Bellissimo Foods


Vantaggio cheese is our premium Wisconsin only cheese brand, and is a brand dedicated to providing you the finest Mozzarella and Provolone with superior melt, stretch, and consistency.  Vantaggio is available in block, shred, and diced.


Vantaggio D'Oro Logo

Vantaggio D’Oro

Vantaggio D’Oro delivers the best quality and value in Mozzarella cheese. You know that great ingredients deliver a quality product, and Vantaggio D’Oro makes a delicious pizza. Using only the freshest milk, Vantaggio D’Oro is crafted to ensure the most favorable taste, quality, and performance. Don’t give your customers pizza; give them an experience they won’t soon forget. Available in traditional loaf, pre-cut blocks and shred.

Spendida Logo


Spendida is a great value priced alternative to our Bellissimo brand. Spendida offers consistent quality and flavor while saving you money. The Spendida line of products consist of everything from Pepperoni to olives, or heat & serve bacon. Quality customers love, prices operators can’t get enough of!

Bellissimo Gold

Bellissimo Gold

Bellissimo Gold is our newest brand and represents products that are natural, organic, pesticide or hormone free. Products that are made with only the freshest ingredients and as little treatment as possible. Bellissimo Gold contains multiple product lines including flour, cheese, and other natural products.



Tesoro brand is primarily for competitively priced pizza toppings. The Tesoro line includes pepperoni, specialty meat pizza toppings, pizza & marinara sauce, and other specialty pizza toppings. Tesoro offers a premium value for selected market segments and allows for the capitalization of economic trends. From spicy pepperoni to banana pepper rings, Tesoro has the value items you need at the price you want.

Cucina Fresca Logo

Cucina Fresca

You know people will leave your restaurant at the first sign that it is not properly cleaned. Bellissimo Foods brings you Cucina Fresca. Cucina Fresca is Bellissimo’s cleaning and chemical brand. You know it needs to be clean, so make it easy on yourself, and use the right solution for the right job.

Casale Logo


The Casale brand consists of the finest of both domestic and internationally sourced products in both the food and non-food categories. Casale, recently taken national, has been growing steadily in reputation in popularity. Casale is considered one of the most consistent names for quality, and value in the Italian food segment, and is guaranteed to set you apart from your competition.

Quality Disposable Products Logo

Quality Disposable Products

Quality Disposable Products (QDP) is our line of top of the line disposable products. Each of the items has been specifically spec’d to deliver a quality that will beat most disposable products in the market, at an affordable price. The QDP line consists of everything your restaurant would need from food service aluminium pans to pre-packaged cutlery kits. Cut down on the complains, and use a better standard of disposable product from QDP.


Bellissimo is one of the top selling brands of authentic Italian food in US today. There are currently over 1,000 products under the Bellissimo brand, each providing a delicious solution to your pizzeria or restaurant.