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  • Sofo Foods of Texas - TX

Sofo Foods of Texas

Marketing/Service Area:
Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Texas and Tennessee

Product Lines:
Full product line including pizza crust, flour, pizza toppings, block cheese and custom cheese blends, tomato products, flour, deli meats, fresh produce, appetizers, frozen seafood, pizza boxes, salad dressings, raw and cooked meat products, pizza small wares, cleaning supplies, paper goods, and general merchandise.

Company Profile:
Sofo Foods has thrived on a partnership philosophy, working together with our manufacturers to ensure consistent quality, competitive product pricing and delivery. Our most important focus is building lasting relationships with our customers. We have developed a reputation, as a strong, honest, family oriented company that has since it’s beginning, strived to employ individuals with high morals, strong work ethics, and the integrity necessary to gain the trust and confidence in the business field.

Key Contact Information:
Ron Doyle
Director of Sales for the Southern Region
Sofo Foods of Texas
11502 South Main St. Ste 230
Houston, TX 77025
Telephone (713) 663-6711
Telephone (800) 969-0320     
Fax (713) 663-7768

Company Mission Statement:
We are committed to a partnership approach to business that thrives on family traditions and values that will provide an environment favorable to growth and success for both our customers and our company.