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  • Labrada Distributors Inc. - PR

Labrada Distributors, Inc.

Marketing/Service Area:
Puerto Rico

Product Lines

Full product line including pizza crust, flour, pizza toppings, cheeses, tomato products, flour, deli meats, appetizers, frozen seafood, pizza boxes, salad dressings, raw and cooked meat products, pizza hardware, cleaning supplies, paper goods, and general merchandise. 

Company Profile

Mr. Guillermo Labrada Senior started distributing products for pizza parlors in Puerto Rico approximately 40 years ago.  His sons, Jorge and Guillermo Jr. helped him every day at the company.  This joint effort was the foundation and the development of the company that Labrada Distributors is today, expending operations with the import of products from all over the world.  The Labrada brothers, Jorge and Guillermo Jr., are leading a company which is developing commercially with more than 1,800 satisfied clients in Puerto Rico

Today Labrada Distributors offers over 400 products, among them the famous brands of "Bellissimo", "Casa Labrada", Labrada Industrial", Leon del Sol", "Leon de la Pizza" and also proudly represents the cheese brand Sorrento on food service.  The Labrada Brothers credit the success of the company to the commitment and quality of their products and the excellent service provided the their work force that makes the Labrada Distributors family.  Excellence in service and product quality is their mission.  

Key Contact Information:
Country Club Industrial Park
Bo. Sabana Abajo #505
Street 272 Block 1C-6
Carolina, Puerto Rico 00982
Tel: (787) 757-2721
Fax: (787) 757-2720