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Greco and Sons - NV

Marketing/Service Area:
Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada Product Lines:
Full product line including pizza crust, flour, pizza toppings, cheeses, tomato products, flour, deli meats, appetizers, frozen seafood, pizza boxes, salad dressings, raw and cooked meat products, pizza hardware, cleaning supplies, paper goods, and general merchandise.

Company Profile:
Since 1990 Greco and Sons has manufactured world class Italian sausage and distributes a full line of premium quality food products with great service and affordability to the Italian restaurants and pizzerias throughout Illinois, Wisconsin and Northwest Indiana, and now Arizona and Las Vegas.

Our commitment and dedication to the food service industry shows in the products and brands we carry and in the excellence in service we provide. To arrange a meeting with our sales team or for all other inquiries, please email us at or call your nearest Greco and Sons distribution center.

Key Contact Information:
Address:1151 Grier Drive- suite M,
Las Vegas, NV 89119
Phone: (702) 487-7100
Customer Fax: (702) 505-4111
Sales/Purchasing Manager- Eddie Greco Jr.
Eddie Greco Cell: (480) 521-4637