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Atlantis Foods

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Product Lines:
Atlantis Foods, Inc. is a full service distribution center specializing in seafood, fresh produce, mediterranean & pizza. Full product lines include mozzarella and other cheeses, flour, tomato products, pizza boxes, meats, pasta, and range of other products to meet your needs.

Company Profile:
Atlantis Foods is a distribution company dedicated to a family tradition of quality and reliability.

Our 120,000 sq. ft. distribution center stocks a complete line of brand-name products, as well as our own quality private-label products; which are packed to meet our stringent quality standards.

With our fleet of refrigerated trucks, we are committed to delivering with prompt, courteous service. Our sales specialists offer you the most competitive pricing with personalized attention to detail.

Key Contact Information:

Atlantis Foods
4525 Hampton Rd.
Clemmons, NC 27012
Telephone: (336) 768-6101
Fax: (336) 768-1136