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Costas Provisions

Marketing/Service Area:
Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

Product Lines:
Product lines include grocery, deli, convenience foods, meat, poultry, snack foods, and specialty/gourmet foods.

Company Profile:
Costas Provisions Corporation is a food service distribution company established in 1986 by two ambitious and dedicated friends. The company began as a distributor of wholesale foods to the local Boston area pizzeria stores. Determined to provide products with the best overall value in the industry, Costas Provisions Corp. began to expand its distribution throughout New England with reliable delivery, reasonable value of products and diligent customer care.

As the years have gone by, Costas Provisions Corp. has grown along with its client base; becoming the dominant force in the pizzeria industry. The company made a decision from its inception to provide a customer service level second to none. Costas Provisions Corp. has expanded its inventory to a greater variety of fresh foods and products needed to serve the multitude of diverse food establishments such as pizzerias, restaurants, delis, sandwich stores, wholesale food distributors, supermarkets and convenience stores.

Key Contact Information:
George Frangiadakis
Costas Provisions Corporation
255 Southampton Street
Boston, MA 02118
Telephone (617) 427-0900
Fax (617) 427-2892