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Delco Foods

Marketing/Service Area:
Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Ohio

Product Lines:
Full product line including pizza crust, flour, pizza toppings, cheeses, tomato products, flour, appetizers, pizza boxes, salad dressings, frozen meat products, chemical supplies, paper goods, coffee & tea, and general merchandise.

Company Profile:
For over 60 years, Delco has been delighting customers throughout the Midwest with premium Italian and specialty products from around the world. With refrigerated docks, cheese blending equipment, a pizza box printing press and an ever-increasing product line, Delco Foods is finding more ways than ever to add something special to specialty foods.

Key Contact Information:
Eric Goldman
Sales Manager
Delco Foods
4850 West 78th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46268
Telephone (800) 536 1234
Fax (317) 870-7803

Company Mission Statement:
Delco Foods is an Italian and specialty foods distributor dedicated to offering the highest quality products available while providing superior customer service and employee development.  We are committed to the success of our customers and employees, and promote that success by building and nurturing strong relationships.