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  • Italco Food Products - CO

Italco Food Products, Inc.

Marketing/Service Area:
Italco services Colorado and New Mexico – populated and resort areas.

Product Lines:
Domestic and Imported specialty cheese from all over the world, appetizers, beverages, Lavazza Coffee/Espresso, condiments, desserts, meats, oils, vinegar, olives, pasta, pastry ingredients, tomato products, grains / flours, nuts and fruits, spices, other ingredients.

Company Profile:
Italco was founded in 1984 and is a family owned importer / specialty distributor. Italco Food Products, Inc. imports and blends spices, shreds and grates hard cheeses and manufactures pesto and some fresh pasta. We sell and deliver over 4000 quality ingredients to hotels, restaurants, high end retailers and catering kitchens for some of the countries finest chefs and independent restaurant operators. Italco operates a beverage division, selling and servicing espresso and drip coffee / tea equipment.

Key Contact Information:
Christopher and Michael Laurita – Co-Owners
Italco Food Products
1340 South Cherokee St.
Denver, CO 80223
Tel: (303) 722-1882
Fax: (303) 722-1982